I read a great stat earlier today on twitter and I wanted to give a huge shout out to Ted Westervelt and soccerreform.us for tweeting this:

2010 saw Brazil sell 1440 players on the international market, while MLS was rumoured to sell 2.

This is why brazilian motor-coordination and technique is a must for the American soccer player from the time they first put boots on. Coaches, stop focusing on winning and focus on development through technique and coordination. Step your game up so we start producing players the best teams in the world want. No one cares how many club soccer games you win. Players, College and MLS is not what you should be aiming for if you are serious about soccer as well. Put in work on your own, find coaches and clubs that will develop you to get you in the “shop window”, and watch professional soccer on tv to learn (Im still dumfounded over the lack of this)!