FC Legendinhos

FCL Bokeh

Director Of Coaching/Technical Director: Evan Hacker

Club President/Club Administrator: Conni Stock

We started the company with Legendinhos Youth Classic and in 2011 it turned into a full blown soccer club. After years of watching the local hispanic/international community’s players play on run down fields, unorganized & uncoached by professionals we had enough.

We have now built FC Legendinhos as an outreach competitive soccer club to offer these “Legendinhos” kids the opportunity to play with the mainstream and get the same opportunities. FCL plays in the MSSF (local competitive league) and players receive quality coaching and a club that has a philosophy and style of play running throughout the club.

Knowing the opportunities that club kids get (college exposure, ODP, International trips, etc) and how much of a change this kid make in the lives of these “Legendinhos” players we had to build this club. The University of Memphis Men’s Soccer team and Midsouth Elite Academy are our main soccer partners in this venture. U of Memphis head coach Richie Grant has put on numerous clinics and donated a lot of gear for the players to use as well. Midsouth Elite Academy is where FCL has fields to train and will feed into the club when at the older ages.

Along with those two great soccer partners we have a great educational partner in Lausanne Collegiate school. In our first season Lausanne has brought two of our players to their school to give them the quality education that will change their lives (video below).

FC Legendinhos will change the game for these kids and the adults in the hispanic soccer community as we are bringing them in to be the coaches. They are getting licensed through US Soccer and the innovative coaching techniques & methodology we (Center Circle) have been giving through our clinics. FC Legendinhos was born out of our desire to provide proper training, constant competition, and desire to destroy the barriers between the soccer worlds in Memphis.

Interested in helping or becoming a part, contact us!