Sorry it’s been so long since the blog has been updated. It’s because Center Circle is hare at work to provide you with more and better events. Up next is our 5v5 Summer League that was such a huge success last year and will be bigger and better this year. 6/7-7/22 teams will be coachless, pick themselves, sub themselves, pick their own team name and jerseys, but fear not we will provide referees. The league will take place at Mike Rose and will basically be a safe imitation of street soccer which other countries play all the time and the kids in the US do not do nearly enough. The rules are Futsal rules and it is basically Futsal on grass, kick-ins in 4 seconds is the main difference from soccer. This is to increase thought process and speed of play as well as movement to get open. Playing at this high speed and with more touches on the ball is only helping everyone involved. Registration form and promo email coming early this week.

Joga Bonito