Center Circle Winter Futsal - FCL game

Futsal, Brazil’s great “secret” to player development and the way the majority of the world plays soccer indoors. It is why we brought futsal to Memphis and the youth of this area in 2009. Brazilian friends of ours for years asked “why are the players playing soccer with walls?” Growing up playing “indoor soccer” here, it’s all we knew as well. After playing and watching futsal the differences are very easy to see that “indoor soccer” was basically hockey without the pads (especially as my other sport is ice hockey). “Indoor soccer” promotes kicking the ball forward as much as possible rather than controlling, passing, and dribbling along and an ice hockey physicality. We also couldn’t help but notice the unnecessary drama that it could create during games, within a team, and between parents. It goes against everything Center Circle is about and what we should be trying to teach our players in this country. Futsal as a game promotes great ball control, creativity, and speed of play. Since the ball is heavier/low bounce it stays on on the court more and encourages touches and bottom of the foot use. Being in a smaller space and since the ball moves very quickly on the harder surface the speed of play can be much higher than an outdoor soccer game. This allows the players mental and foot speed to pick up and really makes an impact as players return to the soccer field. Along with those benefits of futsal as a form of soccer, we run our Winter Futsal league in Memphis coachless and scoreless to eliminate the drama and promote player development.

what is futsal video by the Irish FA

Futsal in Memphis and the US is not a new thing but, it is however something that is slowly and constantly growing and we hope to continue to spread the knowledge of why this is so important to youth soccer in this city and our country. Through our Winter Futsal league, Elite Futsal School, Futsal Open Cup, and 5v5 Summer league (futsal on a soccer field) we offer many opportunities for you or your kids to enjoy your time away from the soccer field and to become a better more skillful player/s. Hope to see everyone this winter playing futsal in Memphis. The way Center Circle and the majority of the world believe soccer indoors should be played.

video on Brazilian Futsal from the BBC