Futsal 24

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…it is a 24 hour Futsal game we are running as a fundraiser for our outreach efforts (FC Legendinhos, Memphis City School Clinics, Streets Futsal, etc.) and Streets Ministries Charity. It will be 1 game, 24 hours, 48 teams, 1 hr time slots.  It will be run as 1 game and there will be no half times or breaks between games.  We would like to keep the ball moving so it is one continuous game and teams will sub in as they change “games”.  We would like to go for the 36 hour world record in the future but right now we will tackle 24 hours!

Whether you are coming to play or just watch and enjoy, there will be many different vendors and entertainment for before, after and during your teams game. So please just come and be a part and enjoy helping Streets and Center Circle’s outreach efforts. Streets Ministries is a Christian ministry with an incredible  facility located on N. Graham Street between Kingsbury Elementary and Middle Schools that is dedicated to serving the youth of Memphis.  They help tutor, educate, provide activities, and community outreach events for the kids and families of the area.

Teams  of  5-9 players, U9 to Adult ages and advanced to rec levels of play. We will make sure to match the teams up or if you would like to enter two teams and have them play each other we can make arrangements for that.  Please remember that there are only 48 slots available so be sure to register soon!

Cost is $100 per team:  teams get 1 hr of play and event t shirts (you know it will be incredible like all our shirts!) for each player.  We will also accept  individuals  and build a team if you don’t have teammates. Cost is $15 per player for individuals who do not have a team and want to enter the player pool.  Player pool registration in the right hand sidebar.  Team registration below.

Details List

  • Streets Ministries – 1304 N. Graham Street
  • 5-9 players per team
  • u9-Adult  
  • $100 Per Team
  • 48 Team Slots Available
  • All registered players get Futsal 24 t shirt