What is the Futsal Academy (FA)

We have always been inspired by Brazil and futsal which is why we run Winter Futsal, 5v5 Summer League, the Elite Futsal School, and take tours to Brazil.  However, it’s time to take futsal and soccer player development to an entirely new level. The Center Circle Futsal Academy (FA) is a game changer for soccer players in this area and will be one of the first futsal academies of it’s kind in this region.

The FA works like a competitive soccer club.  There will be annual tryouts (mid to late August) and our teams will train and compete from Sept to July (train Sept to March).  There will be +/- 20 training sessions over the year scheduled as 2x a month on a Friday night or Sunday afternoon as not to conflict with the team members soccer schedule, except the months that club soccer is off Dec/Jan where there will be 4-6 training sessions those months.  Teams will train to compete at US Youth Futsal regionals/nationals (regionals mid Jan, nationals mid Feb).  In addition to the training and tournaments, teams will compete free of additional charge in both the Winter Futsal and 5v5 Summer leagues so they will get a guarantee of 12 league games as well.

As with all our events/endeavors, this is soccer club neutral and is here to benefit soccer… not compete with it.  The FA will be an amazing addition to soccer training and we truly believe with high level players, coaching, and competition we can offer player development and joy that has not been seen before.  Yes we said joy, at the end of the day futsal and soccer are a game and we want people to absolutely love coming to play and develop a life long passion for this game. This doesn’t mean we aren’t here to be the best at futsal and create potential college/professional athletes…we are but, we want to do it by enjoying the journey and having a passion for what we do!  Below are the details to what the FA will be offering and how we can help players that are very serious about a future in soccer or futsal…


  • +/- 20 training sessions a year (2 a month Sept, Oct, Nov March, April with 4-6 a month in Dec, Jan & Feb)
  • 12 League Games (6 Winter Futsal, 6 5v5 Summer League at no extra cost)
  • 1-3 tournaments a year (US Youth Futsal regionals/nationals)
  • Nike Center Circle FA uniforms (home and away kit)
  • Academy Director and Head Coach – Evan Hacker (USYF Level 3 Instructor 9 yrs of futsal experience)
  • Academy Adminstrator – Conni Stock
  • Coaching staff – Kevin Hensley, Carlos Rivera, Marco Carbognani, & Daniel Ramalho (gk)
  • Cost $600 – payments made in 3 installments or $25 discount if paid in full up front

Tryouts for boys and girls will be held on Saturday, August 26 at Faith Lutheran Church – times TBA until we see numbers of applicants, apply below

FA Tryout Form

  • Price: $600.00
    Please make checks payable to Center Circle