story from theoriginalwinger.com
So I’m doing some research for an upcoming project when I see the words “floating stadium” appear on my computer screen. One, you don’t see those words appear together very often. Two, that sounds awesome. So I immediately change my Google game to “floating Stadium in Singapore” and I am blessed with this incredible soccer stadium (it’s used for other things too, but for the interest of this guy, let’s stick to floating soccer stadium).

First, I would like to go on record and say I am disappointed in myself for not knowing about this stadium sooner. And, if you are a friend of mine, and you knew about this stadium and didn’t tell me, I’m also disappointed in you.

A few fun facts about the floating stadium.

1. It’s known as The Float at Marina Bay.
2. It opened in 2007
3. Capacity is 30,000
4. The platform consists of 15 pontoons that are connected like a jigsaw puzzle
5. It can hold over 1,000 tonnes, or more than 9,000 people
6. This is a temporary stadium (wait, what?!)
7. It f@&%*ng floats!