Hope everyone is as excited for the start of the league as we are! We set up the goals yesterday, and of course had to try them out for a couple hours…just to make sure they were safe.

Along with the start of the league tomorrow we wanted to be sure to pass on some of the facility rules.
First is that only water is allowed in the gym. No other beverages as they can spill on the floor and can affect the floor and the games. This is for players and parents.
Also we only have the gym rented not the hallways and classrooms so please do not allow your children to go run and play through the hallways. People are allowed to leave the gym to use the restrooms other than that please try to stay in the gym.
Only players allowed on the benches and there is no coaching! Please allow your kids to experiment and be creative in a stress free environment. This is the time for them to do it so they can learn when and how to do tricks and moves that will carry into outdoor soccer.