AC Milan 2-3 Manchester United
AC Milan…where do I start? You guys have got to learn to finish better! You let United stay in the game and Rooney will punish you or in Scholes case he will make a mistake and it will still end up in the net. Even though Rooney got the brace I think Ronaldinho was the best player on the night and is back to reminding everyone what a joy to watch he is.

Lyon 1-0 Real Madrid
Lyon got a win and deserved it. Madrid maybe spending all that money isn’t the wisest thing if the players can’t play together…

FC Porto 2-1 Arsenal
Look maybe the referee shouldn’t have given the ball to the Porto player but in law he wasn’t wrong and if Fabianski didn’t pick it up you would have never been in that situation, Wenger *giving him a scornful eye*

Fiorentina 1-2 Bayern Munich
I expected better from Bayern but luckily for them the referee wanted to make sure they won.