Everyone should know of my love for the country of Brazil…if not the more you read this blog and talk to me you will see and hear about it!  This morning I was doing a little search for inspiration to do some logos for our events (which you can see on the front page in the slider)  and I stumbled upon this.

Boa mistura, a spanish art collective composed of five self-described ‘graffiti rockers’, has organized a participatory urban art project in Vila Brâsilandia, one of the favelas in São Paulo, Brazil. the artists, whose name comes from the portuguese for ‘buena mezcla’ (‘good mixture’), worked with residents to paint and reface the winding ‘vecos’ and ‘vielas’ of the favela with uplifting messages. viewed from the proper angle and distance, the works cause words like ‘beleza’ (‘beauty’)and ‘orgulho’ (‘pride’) to seemingly float in the passageway, thanks to an illusion effect based on the careful painting of stretched-out text in accordance with the 3D perspective.” via arrested motion

Please check out the full story and all the great pictures of this at the link here and video below.